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What is An Elopement ?

Simply tying the knot with less pressure.

If you want a secluded wedding or vow renewal or can only afford a simple nuptial, then elopement is for you.
Up to 6 wedding guests (including the couple)


What is an intmate wedding ?

Simple Ceremony to include your closest friends and family allows brides and grooms to truly enjoy their wedding day without the stress that comes with entertaining hundreds of guests. Up to 20 wedding guests (including the couple)


Where Can We Elope ?

The sky is your limit-  Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas.

How Much Time Do I Have TO Book my event ?

At any moments notice for elopements.

 Small and Intimate weddings take a little more time and can depend upon the availability of the vendors you request.

Do you perform same sex marriages ?


Do you Provide Marriage License ?

The bride and groom must appear in person with IDs at any North Carolina courthouse Register of Deeds office within 60 days of wedding date and license is available immediately to use at wedding, but only for next 60 days.


How many people can i invite ?

Up to 20 for intimate weddings and up to 6 for elopements.

What is the cancellation policy ?

25% non refundable deposit at time of signed contract.