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COST is a huge factor. Many of our couples are paying for their own wedding and cannot afford a grand production.  Elopements have a greater focus on couples rather than trying to please scores of guests and can include a small intimate dinner; without the formal reception.   This is a unique departure from the typical wedding style, ensuring your BIG DAY is all about the love you share with your partner!

Call Gail or Melanie to book your elopement or intimate wedding!

Melanie Frank and Gail Wells
is your Kindred Spirit TEAM

Together, we bring a skill set reflecting our ability to understand and interpret our client’s vision, create and execute a design with great attention to detail.   

Melanie Frank

Highly creative with innovative ideas, Melanie is a superb organizer. Her experience as a Navy nurse working in emergent and urgent care settings has given her the ability to inspire others and meet your needs head on.

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Gail Wells

Gail’s work experience at a Fortune 500 company has given her the skills needed to organize and plan your wedding.  Highly passionate, Gail provides a setting for a magical romantic experience. 

Joel Frank

Joel is our captain for our Ship Board elopement package. He is certified as a captain and has  over 40 years of boating experience. Read more about his bio here.

*Images provided by Chris Bremer Photography